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Welcome to Kat Kikta’s world.


Kat Kikta is a multi-dimensional artist, singer, and songwriter. Her creativity straddles music, film, and sound art. Through her use of organically found & electronic beats, her own field recordings, and multi-layered vocals, she creates pop songs- pervaded with cinematic and ambient intentions.

Indeed, she is a very dedicated on-screen performer, and this will become evident in the anticipated music videos attached to this album of which Déjà vu has the first. Many of the instruments Kat uses are normally found in the realm of sound healing and meditation and spiritual mysticism. This is no accident, as she openly aims to create music that helps to heal and rekindle the spirit.

Katarina started life in the snowy mountains of communist-controlled Czechoslovakia, came to London with forty pounds in her pocket, and set about working her way through a Performing arts degree. Although she has always been a prolific writer of songs, she was to become a screen actress, video, and sound artist, before she started to write & perform her own songs.

On this journey, she overcame mental illness, a paralyzing lack of self-confidence, and recovered to become a qualified therapist & yoga and meditation teacher, self-funding her creative ambitions.

Self-development and growth are indeed strong themes running throughout her work. Whilst most of the music Kikta produces is comprised of electronic elements, she often employs exotic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, water-phones, angel forks- instruments normally found in the realm of sound-healing and mysticism, perhaps evidence of her background, and a clue that she is interested in making music which elevates and inspires others.

Self-expression through songwriting, dance, and painting carried her through the hardest times and her self-confessed mission is to help others through her music with her truthful, unpretentious, and vulnerable lyrics.

A reoccurring notion prevalent in much of her work is that there is no experience that is so dark and intolerable that cannot be turned into a strength that can serve you.

Many of Kat’s lyrics have come about in sudden moments of ‘enlightenment’ and clarity, most of them just ‘came to her’, as if downloaded.

“It is my responsibility in this life to channel and translate the things that come to me and find the best way to bring them into the world through sound, lyrics, melodies & atmosphere so that they can move onwards on their own journey. It’s important they don’t stop with me, but touch other people the same way they touched me.

Her music encounters our everyday stories and questions our perception of time, present moment, dreams & realities, space, and atmosphere, this is augmented by her visual work. She has produced and performed in a number of music videos to accompany her sounds, which often cross the boundary from music video to art film to drama and back again.

Katarina has just released her fourth single ‘Under The Moonlight’ ( ), and is preparing to release her debut album “Moldavite” in 2022.

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